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Hi there,

If you are looking to stay fit, confident, and sexy through menopause, then you are in the right place.

I created this site to give active women in menopause a voice and resources to look and feel amazing, while dealing with the side effects of menopause. I know how overwhelming it can be to have almost no resources that produce lasting results. Think of this site as a community of active women, just like you, who want to apply strategies to change how they experience menopause. These strategies will make a BIG difference and lead to results.

I created The Menopause Game Plan to help active and strong women to live the life they deserve during menopause. It is our job as women to support each other in this menopause journey, and to live life to our fullest potential. I am so happy that you are here and part of our growing community.

Let’s do this!

– Heike

7 Day Playbook to Clear the Clutter

Do you feel that Menopause is dragging you down, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed?

If you have been feeling like that then you might like my 7 Day Playbook to Clear the Clutter.  Managing the clutter in your life to enjoy the fitness lifestyle you deserve.

With my Playbook you will take small steps each day toward overcoming the physical, mental, and emotional clutter in your life.

You deserve a fit, confident and sexy menopause – go get it!

Yes, I want to Clear my Clutter

7-Day Planner


How Did I Get Here? The Menopause Promise

Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

It will happen to everyone sooner or later. 5 Strategies to Mental Toughness that will make the difference in your active lifestyle!

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Do You Know What to Do When Menopause Strikes?


Facts and Myths and the Answers you need to know for an active woman in menopause.

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The Menopot Saga and Other Stories You Want to Know About


Yes, you can start losing the dreaded belly fat during menopause. Every one will look at you and think: Wow, she looks amazing!

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