The Menopot Saga and other stories. Yes, you too as active women can start losing that dreaded belly fat in Menopause and look fit and feel confident.

The dreaded belly fat and menopauseYou have been training consistently (at least it feels that way) and your diet seems dialed into your training and life. But you start to notice that you are more hungry than you have been and tired on top of it. You notice that your belly is not as tight as you remember it and then the scale…just keeps going up. Let’s start losing the dreaded belly fat during Menopause and look and feel great.

A friend of mine just recently exclaimed: “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to stop gaining weight. I eat right and exercise all the time, but nothing seems to work”.

You may not even know that you are in Menopause, because that belly fat could simply be eating too much and not training hard enough.

Keeping your belly fat low, your training intensity up, and feeling sexy is a tall order.

Sounds familiar?

The #1 reason you gain belly fat are the changes in Hormones!

With Menopause comes a drop in estrogen, and that makes the body store more fat than normal. It makes us prone to “belly fat”, plus other changes in hormone levels will  make us more hungry.

Let’s face it, now that the kids are gone, you might enjoy a bit more of the good life and eat out more often and have that extra glass of wine, right? It all adds up!

There is no reason to feel this way and with my simple lifestyle solutions you, too, will feel energized, strong, and start losing that Meno-pot! Yep, that’s the lovely name it’s called by many: The Menopause Potbelly!

As a personal trainer, pilates trainer, running, and sports nutrition coach I get asked all the time what I do to stay in such great shape during Menopause?

Most might assume I am eating very little, never have some of the fatty foods like pizza or ice cream, and exercise all the time.

This is can’t be further from the truth – I live a very normal fitness lifestyle.

I absolutely keep an eye on my diet and eat healthful, but I also indulge in some of my favorite foods like Thai Chicken, Pizza, dreaded belly fat and menopausefrozen custard, and some wine; but not on a daily basis.

On the other hand, when my training ramps up for a marathon or triathlon I will eat foods that might not be part of my everyday nutrition plan because I need the fat, salt, and the energy that simple carbohydrates like pizza and bagels give me.

Considering these facts will be even more important during Menopause, as our body responds differently now. Will our bodies change when we go through Menopause? Of course, but we can choose to embrace our new bodies and stay fit and strong throughout the change.

Important Facts

First, It is super important to keep exercising during Menopause and follow a program that includes not only aerobic but also a strength training program. If you are a runner, you absolutely need to include upper body and core strengthening exercises to preserve muscle mass and increase bone density. More muscles equals a faster metabolism and the body will burn more calories.

Second, you don’t need to go on another diet or cleanse to lose the belly fat. We know that dieting just does not work! Rather, eat healthfully throughout the day, keeping in mind your training plan and the needs for an Active Women in Menopause.

Are you ready to learn my simple Belly Fat Burner Tips that you can start today?

Tip #1 – Sleep more

Studies have shown that adults who sleep less than seven hours tend to gain weight. When you are sleep-deprived you will start getting a bigger appetite. Plan to go to sleep by turning off all distractions so you can relax and de-stress. Practice relaxation breaths to calm your body and mind.

Start losing the dreaded belly fat during MenopauseTip #2 – Be active

The best way not to gain weight and start losing that dreaded belly fat is by staying active. I know it is hard during Menopause to even get going at all. You will feel so much better and less stressed after a good workout. This will help you stay energized and start losing the dreaded belly fat during Menopause. As an athlete, you can set training goals for an upcoming race event or join a local group of like minded athletes to stay motivated.


No one will know you are in Menopause because you look so good! A $9.97 value!


Tip #3 – Eat healthy

A well balanced and nutritious diet is the key to feeling strong, energized, and start losing that dreaded belly fat. Plan your meals around eating mostly lean protein, vegetables, some fruits and healthy fats. By adding healthy fats like avocados you will feel energized and it helps you to start losing the dreaded belly fat during Menopause.

Tip# 4 – Start a training log

Knowing what you eat, how much, and how it ties into your training is a must for athletes. This will take the guesswork out of your daily nutrition and exercise plan.

Here are the Action Steps I would like you to take:

Download your FREE  The Menopause Game Plan – BURN THE BELLY FAT NOW  that I have prepared for you.

Plan your healthy meal for tomorrow by packing everything you need for a healthy and nutritious day tonight, so you are ready for tomorrow.

Start today and  follow my simple lifestyle habits that will change how you feel each and every day.

You deserve to feel strong, energized and sexy.

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