Facts and Myths about when-menopause-strikesI surly did not know what to do because I had not even thought about it when Menopause struck me.

Just the word “Menopause” makes most of us strong women cringe. Right? We associate it with lower performance or the lack of desire to even go out and train. But the less we exercise the less our body produces dopamine levels in the brain, which make us feel good after exercising.

Know about the facts and myths that are associated with treatments in Menopause and what you can to to feel strong and fit. Get the answers you are looking for.  You too can take your training further by learning about my 3 habits in Menopause that will make a change in how you feel.

Reduced energy, mood changes, and increased cravings are some of the symptoms we experience, no wonder we turn to food more and exercise a lot less.

Did you know?

There are 34 menopausal side effects and we experience each one differently from other women. The most common symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue.

I was training for my first Ultra Marathon when I experienced the first signs of Menopause. Nobody could tell me for sure whether it was Menopause or not, because I had my thyroid removed six months prior to the start of it and it could be just that my body did not receive the correct dose of medication.

In any event, I experienced heavy bleeding and my OBGYN recommended hormone therapy to stop it. That diminished the bleeding, but I felt awful! I had hot flashes, night sweats, gained a lot of weight, and was always on edge – my training really suffered.

Everyone I talked to just gave me a friendly smile with the understanding that that’s just what Menopause is going to be like, including my doctor. I wanted to find out about the facts and myths about Menopause and not just guess what I was experiencing.

Diving into the wealth of information online did not provide solutions for that would help fit women in Menopause like me. That is when I took matters into my own hands. I relied on my knowledge as a personal trainer, running, and sports nutrition coach. I am  now able to share with you how to train strong, and feel energized during Menopause. You want to know about the facts and fiction about Menopause treatments and how you can feel strong and energized.

So where do you start?

Know your symptoms

You need to know which ones you have, and not only the common ones. There may be an underlying medical condition that you need to know about. Otherwise, it might be easy to mistake a symptom as just over-training.

Get a blood test

You want to rule out thyroid imbalances that could be causing havoc with your health. Thyroid problems are not uncommon and not knowing that this could be problem is half the battle.

Talk to your doctor

Get medical advice and clarity on your symptoms by talking to your doctor about your needs as an active woman. If your doctor does not seems empathetic to your lifestyle then find another one.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) vs. Holistic Treatments

The opinions vary greatly here and so do the results. Get more information on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and what is available to you. Not every woman needs HRT nor is it necessarily suitable for every woman. On the holistic front some women swear by acupuncture or black cohosh as some of the solutions.

Listen, I have been a trainer and coach for over thirty years and I have seen it all.

Facts and Myths about Menopause TreatmentsChanges in your lifestyle like eating a healthy, a well balanced diet, and increasing your exercise level will help manage some of the side effects.

All you need to do is start with these easy to follow habits today and you will feel better and more energized.

Habit #1


If you experience hot flashes, night sweats and you are actively training (more so in a hot climate), you may underestimate the amount of water you need. As active woman you need at least 05 – 1 oz per pound of body weight.

Moving through Side Effects

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Habit #2

Curb the sugar cravings

It is important to balance your blood sugar and by doing so you will impact some of your side effects and give your body what it needs to reach peak performance.  Eat a healthy, and nutritious snack every 3 hours by combining complex carbohydrates and protein. For instance, hummus and carrots or an apple with peanut butter make a great combination and are easy to bring to work.

Stay away from processed carbohydrates, like chips (they are often very tempting right next to the checkout counter at the deli) and they will do nothing for your training at this point in time.

Keep tabs on your sports nutrition as well, you may take in more than you need for your training. You will need those simple carbohydrates during a long bike ride or run to sustain your energy level, but not in excess.

Changes in your lifestyle like eating a healthy, well balanced diet, and increasing your exercise level will help manage some of the side effects.

All you need to do is start with these easy to follow habits today and you will feel better and more energized.


Habit #3

Reduce Stress

Facts and Myths about Menopause TreatmentsThe symptoms of Menopause are very stressful for many of us and so hard to deal with each and every day. It almost feels like an out-of-body experience and we don’t recognize ourselves anymore. Stress affects your relationships, your work, and your performance.

Exercise is the perfect way to reduce your stress levels. Running, for instance, has proven to do just that. It does not have to be a hard, all out run but it can be an easy jog around a park near you. You can let your emotions go, start breathing deeply, and burn off some calories.

So what do you think? Easy, right?

You don’t have to start with all 3 habits all at once. Just pick one that you think you can manage easily for the next 7 days. It does not have to be perfect but I want you to start today.

Do you like those 3 habits? Want to know more?

Then why don’t you download my absolutely FREE  Menopause Game Plan – MOVING THROUGH SIDE EFFECTS.

I would love to hear from you! Tell me which one of the habits you liked best and why!

Remember, we are in this together and you are not alone.

You can do this, get started today!

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